Sauce Optional


Kansas City based companies Sauce Optional and Bees Knees Baking Company, have agreed to a merger/acquisition that will combine the two companies resulting in a full service catering company.  In the merger, Sauce Optional will remain the developer, provider and supplier of their trademark handcrafted, boutique-style rubs, and will move all catering operations over to the newly named Bees Knees Catering Company.  Both companies will be subsidiaries of a newly formed company to be announced.

Duwan Hardge, President and CEO of Sauce Optional LLC, says “this move just makes the most sense in the natural transition of things.  Last year, we catered in a restricted test market, and the results were well received.  Acquiring Bees Knees Baking Company met an immediate need to provide baked goods and services to go along with our smoked meats and sides.  We look forward to the future, and know that we will soon be the go to provider for small to mid-sized catering needs.”

The two teams recently collaborated to cater a wedding in Gallatin, Mo.